Satellite meetings

In and around Rovinj, before and after the ECM29 as a central crystallographic event in Europe in 2015, there will be 10 high quality satellite meetings. If you have not registered for the ECM29 yet, please go to the Registration page , do it online, and don’t forget to choose your satellite meetings during the registration procedure. If you already are registered for the ECM29, to register additionally to one or more satellite meeting(s) please just send an email to and our helpdesk will contact you shortly with the instructions on how to proceed. For more details on each of the satellite meetings please choose one from the dropdown meny below this tag (Satellite meetings) or click to the entry in the list below:

  1. Advanced Software Development for Crystallographers
  2. Metadata for raw data from X-ray diffraction and other structural techniques
  3. Making the most of PDB and EMDB data
  4. OLEX2 Satellite Meeting
  5. CCDC workshop
  6. DIALS workshop
  7. Fundamentals of Materials Analysis Using Powder Diffraction
  8. Young crystallographers’ satellite meeting
  9. Electron Crystallography School – ECS2015
  10. EosFit Workshop

If you would like to organize the satellite meeting to the ECM29, please contact us to discuss the details.

General policy for the Satellite meetings organizers is available here.