Posters should be presented in English and should be in size DIN A0 (‘A-zero’) (width: 84.1 cm (33,11 inches) x height: 118.9 cm (46,81 inches)).

Mounting materials will be provided on site.

Poster boards will have the same number as the abstract in the Programme Book.

The poster sessions are split up into two sessions scheduled on:

  • Monday, 24.08.2015/Tuesday, 25.08.2015 for the first half of the posters, and
  • Wednesday, 26.08.2015/Thursday, 27.08.2015 for the second group of posters

Authors are kindly asked to set up their posters on the corresponding board before 9:30 on the first display day and posters should be removed no later than 20:00 on the second day of display.

Authors of posters are kindly requested to stay at their poster for discussion during the official poster session (on both days from 13:00 to 15:00).