Courier terms & conditions


Lagermax AED Croatia d.o.o. za međunarodno otpremništvo
Zagreb, Franje Lučića 23, MB 1530062, OIB 06465158978

Conditions of performing dispatch activities and delivery of shipments

For every client’s order the following is to be applied: “General Conditions of the International Freight Forwarders Association of Croatia’’:

1.   General

      1.1.   These conditions are applicable to overall dispatch activities of Lagermax AED Croatia.


      1.2.   The shipment, within the meaning of these conditions, includes one or several colis by one freight forwarder for one receiver.


      1.3.   The coli includes a homogenous transport unit received and delivered by a freight forwarder.


      1.4.   A suitable packing is the one protecting the coli from damage during transportation or manipulation and protecting it from sale or embezzlement of its contents.


      1.5.   Unless otherwise provided according to an order or agreement, the following shipments are excluded from the dispatch activities:

        1.5.1. Shipments with insufficiently, inadequately or unduly packed colis


        1.5.2. Goods of special value, such as gold, noble metals, jewelry, money, documents and securities of any kind.


        1.5.3. Shipments containing narcotics, weapons, explosives, medicines and food products.


        1.5.4. Coli the contents of which may have any bad consequences for persons, animals, environment, other goods or other objects.


        1.5.5. Goods exposed to quick spoilage or rottenness.


        1.5.6. Goods subject to a special transportation regime (tanks, refrigerator trucks, special transports etc.)


      1.6.   We comply with principles and conditions according to standards EN ISO 9001: 2000 and EN ISO 14001:2004.

2.   Dispatch activities, obligations and calculation of services

          2.1.   Dispatch services of Lagermax AED Croatia include:

            2.1.1. Collection, shipment, unloading, delivery and warehousing of shipments.


            2.1.2. Repeated delivery when required


            2.1.3. Return of packages, the reception of which  is refused or  failed to be delivered


2.2.   Dispatch service

            2.2.1. Is performed according to client’s written disposition with data on:  sender, receiver, type of goods, number of colis, weight and packing.


            2.2.2. The client receives an invoice for dispatch service for all costs arising from the order and it falls due for payment immediately or on a due date included in the invoice.


            2.2.3. The transportation service is charged according the freight forwarder’s pricelist.


          2.2.4. The freight forwarder retains a right to check all aforementioned measuring sizes for shipment (weight, length, no. of colis, volume) and to charges for services according to actual data, increased by a manipulation cost and all costs incurred as a consequence of incorrect data obtained from a client.

3.   Warranty

          3.1.   The freight forwarder guarantees, on its part, for damage and losses caused. If the damage on the goods is from outside not recognizable, the client needs to prove that the damage has been caused by the freight forwarder.


          3.2.   The freight forwarder does not guarantee for damage on goods that are according to Art. 1.5 excluded from dispatch activities and in the event of overrunning the delivery deadline.


          3.3.   If the client delivers shipments, that are according to Art. 1.5 excluded from the dispatch activities; it shall be liable for any damage caused for that reason, irrespective of guilt.


          3.4.   If the freight forwarder may not determine the actual number of colis, weight, volume and packing of the shipment during the time of receiving the shipment, it shall notify the client thereabout and request an instruction and it retains the right to refuse the fulfillment of the order by the time it determines the actual condition of the shipment at the client’s expense.


        3.5.   The freight forwarder shall neither be liable for weight, contents and value of the shipment nor for delivery deadlines unless such responsibility has specially been agreed upon in writing.

4.   Insurance in the national transport

          4.1.   For every coli there is a transport insurance of goods for the value of goods increased by the freight fee, not exceeding the amount of HRK 5,000.00 for every coli.


          4.2.   For every shipment there is a transport insurance of goods for the value of goods increased by the freight fee, not exceeding the amount of HRK 10,000.00.


          4.3.   The insurance is always agreed in favor of the client.


          4.4.   The insurance premium (for the value not exceeding HRK 5,000.00 per coli, that is, HRK 10,000.00 per shipment) is included in the price of the service.


        4.5.   For every coli of the value exceeding HRK 5,000.00, that is, the shipment of the value exceeding HRK 10,000.00, the transportation insurance is not included in the price of transport and the freight forwarder concludes an insurance contract on a client’ special written request thereby charging the costs for concluding contract of insurance of goods.

5.   Dispute Resolution

        5.1.   The Parties to this Agreement shall resolve all disputes from the Dispatch Agreement amicably, however in the event of failure of reaching an agreement, they shall agree on jurisdiction of competent Zagreb court.

6.    Closing Provisions

      6.1.   The conditions were published on 1 May 2009. and applicable as of 1 May 2009.