Transfer price list

Pula Trieste Venice Rijeka Ljubljana Zagreb
INCOMING 30,00 € 95,00 € 140,00 € 160,00 € 95,00 € 250,00 €
OUTGOING 30,00 € 95,00 € 140,00 € available on inquiry 95,00 € 285,00 €

Prices are per person.

Cancellation & refund

In case of mass cancellations prior payment is made, the Organizers reserve the right to adjust the prices to compensate in the difference in transfer costs. You will be notified accordingly and be able to confirm or cancel your inquiry.

After payment is made and the transfer is confirmed, you may cancel your service up to August 10th 2015 at 12:00 CET and will be reimbursed after the Congress, deducted for the agency handling fee of 10,00% of the total transfer value (min. 5,00 €). After this deadline, no refunds will be possible.

Requirements and conditions

1. All communication must be via e-mail at
2. Participants are required to acknowledge receipt of the transfer offer with a formal acceptance or refusal of service, in order for us to successfully organise all transfers. Participants with active transfer requests that don’t send in their decision will be regularly reminded until a response is sent in.
3. The transfers are confirmed after payment is received.
4. After receiving confirmation of your interest, you will be sent an offer for review and payment, along with the details about your transfer highlighting the time and date of each transfer you order. Please let us know in the reply prior sending the offer which payment details we will have to use, along with if you prefer to group other participants on the same offer.
5. The driver will have a list of participants he will be transporting with destinations you agreed with us prior payment. No additional passengers will be allowed on the vehicle than those listed.
6. Cases of Participants wanting to be transferred to or picked up at a different-than-regular venue (other than our offered capacities or the airport) or similar non-regular requests might not be possible to organise at the group transfer prices shown above. In general, the Organizers will prefer to pick up groups at one place (i.e. the airport at arrival or one of our offered capacities / main bus station at departure) and drop them off at our offered capacities (and the main bus station in the centre of Rovinj, in cases of Participants staying at private accommodation). Be sure to confirm the travel details with our agent in order to avoid misunderstandings.

New/additional transfer requests
1. We will be accepting new transfer inquiries for arrivals up to August 14th 12:00 CET.
2. We will be accepting new transfer inquiries for departure up to 48 hours prior the transfer.
3. All requests have to be sent via e-mail to or be made in person during the conference (for departures).